Testimonials from the e-GLO 1

Some testimonials from the e-GLO 1 participants. Read the whole evaluation here.

“I’m sure e-GLO will be the best way to advance in the Earth Charter knowledge.”

“e-GLO first of all LINKS individuals from ALL around the world, thus letting each one of participants to get to know about Earth Charter and get to know more about its initiatives! Thus e-GLO works as promoter tool for development and improvement of the initiatives of the Earth Charter and contributes toward fulfilling EC mission”

“It helps advance the Earth Charter because you contact people all around the world who are working in any area of the Earth Charter and you can see that you need specialists of every area to address the issues present in different countries.”

“It connects people, resources and ideas which leads to communication, understanding and collaborative systems towards EC goals.”

“Being a part of this group will allow me to see these issues that I work on at a local level, in a larger view.”

“e-GLO is best solution to get benefit of technology properly. “

“It applies not only in my work but for the development of my country, with a grounded knowledge of this nature, it will be possible to create change. “

“Topics on sustainable development has direct link to my personal interest and academic background. “