Testing WeValue indicators: e-GLO 2 evaluation

The ECI Secretariat participated in a two-year collaborative research project called  ESDinds (Development of Indicators & Assessment Tools for CSO Projects Promoting Values???based Education for Sustainable Development). The project started in 2009 and will run until April 2011.

The concept of the ESDinds Project is that ethical values can be measured, when locally defined, by using a combination of indicators based on perceptions and observable outputs. This information can then be used to help civil society organizations in their efforts to create successful and sustainable programs. 

In 2010, the first set of indicators was tested on the field. These indicators were generated after a rigorous scientific process led by researchers at the University of Brighton (UK) and Charles University (Czech Republic), and focused on six core values:  Respect and Care for the Community of Llife, Unity in Diversity, Empowerment, Trust, Justice and Integrity.

The ECI Secretariat proposed three projects to test the initial indicators. One of them was e-GLO 2, an online youth leadership course organized by Earth Charter International secretariat and BeatBoard, conducted in Heart In Action Enterprise’s interactive Virtual Seminar Room.

The results obtained were very beneficial in improving the course. 

We invite you to read the evaluation report, and to learn more about these indicators, and how to use them to assess and improve your work.