The Costa Rican Chamber of Ecotourism endorsed the Earth Charter

The Costa Rica National Chamber of Ecotourism (CANAECO) decided to endorse the Earth Charter, this means for them: a) a commitment with the spirit and objectives of this document; b) the intention to use the Earth Charter in appropriate ways; c) a commitment to work towards the implementation of the Charter’s values and principles, and the willingness to cooperate with others in this endeavour.
The endorsement ceremony took place in an art gallery and restaurant called Taller del Artista on June 18th, 2013, as part of CANAECO’s 10th anniversary celebration.  The endorsement document read to the audience says: 
CANAECO commits to work towards the implementation of the Charter’s values and principles and is willing to cooperate with others, and to:

  • Actively promote the Earth Charter
  • Contribute with the Earth Charter Initiative and with projects inspired by the Earth Charter
  • Put in practice the Earth Charter, seeking its implementation in our organization as best as possible.

CANAECO’s Board President, Glenn Jampol Levine, the Secretary   Astrid Cremers and Fiscal Jackeline Lopez signed the endorsement.  Alicia Jimenez, Project Coordinator of ECI Secretariat was the witness of this endorsement.

Check out this video to see the signing of this endorsement