The Earth Charter and the social networking sites

Earth Charter International Secretariat aims to spread the word on the Earth Charter as widely as possible. In this attempt the internet based social networking sites are highly important.

Social networking sites attract millions of users on daily basis. Use of them is a global phenomenon that is bridging online and offline networks. Recognizing their significance is important for worldwide movements, such as Earth Charter Initiative.

Also the Earth Charter is widely present on these networking sites. In those sites the activists share their stories, learn from each others, connect with people with the same interests etc. These online groups and causes are often formed in a highly decentralized way. If you find / start additional online forum, please send an e-mail note to youthcoordinator @ earthcharter.org that we can promote it.

To support the awareness and the use of the Earth Charter, join the social networking sites and actively promote them to your networks. The list of the sites with Earth Charter groups can be found here.