The Earth Charter as key theme of Congress of Engineering in Mexico

The Earth Charter was a relevant theme at the III International Congress of Engineering “Building and Transforming the World with Innovation and Technology” (on November 9-12, 2011) of the University of Tamaulipas, Mexico which generated further awareness of the Earth Charter within the university community and the strengthening of an alliance with the Earth Charter International Secretariat.

On November 10th, Betty McDermott from the Earth Charter International Secretariat delivered a seminar on the Earth Charter as a values framework for sustainability. The event received extensive media coverage and approximately 2,000 people attended.  The congress took place from November 9-12 at the Tampico Convention Center and offered 30 lectures and 80 seminars from national and international speakers and researchers.

Additionally, on November 11th a three-hour Earth Charter workshop was delivered to the second generation students of a PhD on Environment of this same university.

On this occasion, a collaboration agreement was also signed between the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas and Earth Charter International to work on subjects of academia, science, and culture. This framework agreement hopes to encourage further and more specific collaboration aiming to have professors and students of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas visit Costa Rica to receive annual courses on ethics and sustainability at the Earth Charter Center on Education for Sustainability.

More information in Spanish about the congress here and here.