The Earth Charter at the Valencian School Congress


The Valencian School is organizing a remarkable conference on sustainable development—and the Earth Charter will be a central focus there. Entitled “Escuela Valenciana y Sociedad Sostenible” (The Valencian School and Sustainable Society), it will take place from December 6th to 8th, 2006, in Valencia, Spain.


Because of the Congress, the Valencian School Federation has printed a special edition of the Earth Charter in the Valencian language, as well as a calendar based on its principles.


The objective of the congress is to look at the school’s role within the present development model, to bring a future perspective, and to support sustainable development and environment in Valencian schools.


The Valencian School celebrates its Congress every fourth year, and hundreds of participants debate current affairs that affect society and education. The last congress gathered more than 700 people. The upcoming Congress will be the fourth, and sustainability will be the main topic. Several pre-congresses will be held in different places of Valencia beginning in October, to prepare for the main Congress in December.


The Valencian School itself is a federation of 21 civic associations for the language and culture. UNESCOC at is part of the organizing committee.