The Earth Charter in Books from Germany

Harald Lesch1German Astrophysicist refers to the Earth Charter in his new book
Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch, the famous german astrophysicist, science journalist, and member of the Bavarian Climate Council refers to the Earth Charter in his recent book “If not now, when then?: Action for a world in which we want to live”. He invites the readers in chapter “acting ecologically – how does it work?” to act according to the Earth Charter and to fill its 16 principles with life through actions. “Everyone of us can through their actions fill the Earth Charter with life, day by day.” He also calls to his readers “Let’s stop to restrict ourselves. We don’t need boarders, neither in the head nor on the world map. (…) Let’s stop to judge, let us begin to share.”

The Earth Charter made it into a German Geography Textbook
The Earth Charter was printed and mentioned in a German geography textbook within the chapter “Global Understanding and Earth Democracy – Why are Global Understanding and Earth Democracy important?”. The book also references the School Marianum, which uses the Earth Charter as a foundation, and encourages the readers to make their school an Earth Charter School as well.