The Earth Charter in Madagascar

In April 2011, members of the charity organization called La Maison d’Aïna came across the Earth Charter in an event in Barcelona, Spain.   They got inspired by the richness and holistic nature of this document, and were surprised that there were no activities related to the Earth Charter in Madagascar.
They decided to change this and put hands to work to make possible the translation of the Earth Charter into Malagasy.   This was done by Prof.  Ranoronirina Ramakavelo, PhD. 

After its translation, all members of La Maison d’Aïna endorsed the Earth Charter.   Members of this organization have been contacting several celebrities and political figures from Madagascar to have their endorsement to the Charter.   

La Maison d’Aïna is a Charity Organization that gives various type of support to orphans and poor children in Madagascar.  They have built a school in an area where 200 families were living without any public service (electricity, potable water, school).  In addition to run the school, they offer meals to the children, and health services.   They also include activities related to sustainable production of food and promotion of cultural activities.