The Earth Charter in Mexico

The Earth Charter Network in Mexico has been actively linking with the local governments of Puebla and the State of Mexico.Ignacio Sanchez 2

On 20 August, the Municipality of Puebla, with the participation of the entire city council and top-level officials of this municipality, endorsed the Earth Charter and linked this document with the environmental programme of Puebla. This endorsement was made thanks to the support of Ignacio Rojas, the Focal Point of the Mexican Earth Charter Network in Puebla.

On 21 September, the focal points of the State of Mexico (Rafael Fernando Sánchez, David Eduardo Velázquez) also organized presentations about the Earth Charter to the members of the Municipality of Temacalcingo City Council, to sensitize them about the ethics of the Earth Charter.

On 20 September 2019, the Faculty of Dentistry of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico confirmed its endorsement of the Earth Charter, which first made 15 years ago. This Faculty and its professors David Eduardo Velázquez and Rafael Fernando Sánchez have been leading the process of implementing the principles of the Earth Charter in this educational institution.

An example of actions in this university is the biodiversity project, where students of the Faculty of Dentistry and other programs carried out the second day of Landscape Architecture, with the committed support of the staff of the Directorate of Environmental Protection. They planted lmost 900 plants, provided by students, professors, administrative staff, graduates and producers of the fair trade market. Five gardens were remodeled and two cactus gardens were created.