The EC as an educational tool for an environmental culture at the Franco Mexican University

In 2006, the Franco Mexican University received an invitation from the Municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli to use the EC in their work. Since then the EC has been used as an educational tool in the establishment of an ecological brigade with the students and as part of an ecological awareness campaign in nearby schools. The EC message has also been introduced at several schools, rehabilitation centers and ecological centers. The EC has been disseminated through workshops for children, youth, and adults from different institutions, using different materials and resources, to let people know about its existence and build commitment, collaboration, and behavior change related to the environment. Finally, the Earth Charter has been integrated into the Ecology and Environment Program of the University as an educational instrument for an environmental culture.

The University started this year by offering a workshop for a neighborhood group. The group had learned that the University is promoting care for the environment in the Municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli and the group explicitly requested the University’s assistance.

According to their own words: “Presently the Earth Charter is about recognizing values and clarifying concepts with the purpose of encouraging the necessary attitudes to understand and appreciate environmental education as a resource of great value to solve the environmental crisis, this is why the Franco Mexican University has taken as its mission to continue disseminating the Earth Charter as a call to our society…”

More detailed information here. Chronogram and photos of their activities here.