The first Earth Charter Thematic Action Group is born in Mexico

The Kototla Civil Association was created in 1994. Its name means “our home” in the indigenous Chontal language and it is the first Artistic and Social  Earth Charter Action Group born in Mexico incorporating the ethical principles of the Earth Charter as one of its lines of action. This was motivated by the itinerant art exhibition “Llanto Verde” (Green Cry) by the artist Lorena Priego, based on the 16 principles of the Earth Charter and which generated a strong impact on the Mexican cultural scene.

The group is formed, up to now, by Arch. Lorena Priego Fonseca, MSc Adriana Corroy Moral, Biol. Juan Carlos Bulnes, Eng. Leticia Reyes, Lawyer Malu García Jimenez, Psych. Heidi Alejandro Lamoyi, as agents for social change, who will promote the Earth Charter values and principles through arts and social work in Tabasco, where the group is located, and other neighboring places.

One of their ideas is to work on citizen’s education in nonconventional languages, which will hopefully allow them to transform and built new societies. In fact, the group is presently working with indigenous youth from the Municipality of San Juan Chamula, Chiapas in an integral art project which includes music, dance, painting and writing and will conclude with a final presentation.

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