The Giant Poem – with the Earth Charter

As part of the 15th anniversary of the Earth Charter, a GIANT POEM was organized in the city where the Earth Charter International Secretariat is located – Ciudad Colon.

The event took place on 21 March, which is actually the World Poetry Day, declared by UNESCO in 1999.

The objectives of the Giant Poem are:

  • To promote dialogue and understanding between different cultures
  • Generate a space for citizen participation through creative freedom
  • Develop in the society the principles that UNESCO promotes related to culture, education and sustainable development.
  • To encourage work from each person’s sensitivities
  • To foster the use of poetry as an accessible day to day tool for all
  • To create bridges between people and the arts outside conventional spaces
  • To promote reading and writing
  • To recognize the popular and spontaneous component of poetry, whose elements have been in human society for many centuries.

THE WORLD, A GIANT POEM is a social participatory project that has brought together thousands of people in 57 cities around the world to write 150 meters long Poems in the city’s streets and emblematic plazas.

Find here pictures of this activity in different cities of the world.