Transformative Learning and the Earth Charter Course

transformative-learning-hathawayFrom February 20 to 24, the Earth Charter Center for ESD successfully offered for the 3rd time the Executive Programme: “Education for Sustainability, Transformative Learning and the Earth Charter” facilitated by Mark Hathaway and Mirian Vilela.

A group of 23 people from different sectors have immersed themselves in this intensive week long programme to expand understanding on the Earth Charter, Education for Sustainable Development and experience related pedagogies of learning based on values for sustainability.

“(In this course I have acquired new knowledge) which has made me think about how we could explicitly apply the Earth Charter in organizational processes.” Participant’s evaluation (Costa Rica)

The course has been very interactive. Using hands, body, mind and spirit, participants have deepen their knowledge of the Earth Charter principles and transformative learning.

This course is offered in Spanish once a year, in February. We look forward to seeing you next year!

“I was fascinated by this course and for having the opportunity to meet such special people … The experience was both fabulous and necessary.” Participant’s evaluation (Costa Rica)