Using music to promote values for sustainability

Ana Person is the President  of Arts and Cultural Scene Productions (Arte e Cena Cultural Produções) an artistic producer and services provider from Brazil, who has worked with the Earth Charter since 2008 in the Earth Charter Workshop for Children Project.

This project uses music for encouraging understanding of the universal principles of the Earth Charter. Through playing music, the project wants the participant to become aware of the musical aspects linked to the Earth Charter values. Some activities consist in reflecting and perceiving the different sounds of the world in which participants are immersed while producing music; playing instruments made of recycled objects; interacting with spontaneous movements, where each participant’s skills contribute to the group performance.

Arte e Cena Cultura Produções focuses on ethical and aesthetic values, and its projects always attempt to enhance the social, affective, educational, and environmental dimensions.

Ana Person is a composer, singer and violinist, and her music is the inspiration for many of these projects. She considers music as a form of connection with something greater, which contributes to self-knowledge, valuing of life, and development of the self. She has released two albums, ‘Que eu traga na canção’ (2002) and ‘Além do tempo’ (2008), and delivers performances with thematic songs or with the national Brazilian anthem, in institutional and solemn events. She’s also a member of the group Paralatimbum, which performs a Children’s show called “Mãe, por que será?”

If you’re interested in her CDs or want more information about Ana Person’s work contact: [email protected]