Using the Earth Charter in eco-poltical-pedagoy projects

From May to June 2012, the Paulo Freire Institute (ECI Affiliate), through the Planetary Citizenship House, developed a project called “Ecos de PEPP” (Eco-political pedagoy Project), in parternship witih the Education Department of Osasco city.     The objective was to train teachers and municipal staff to develop an Eco-political pedagogy process in their educational units, helping to introduce in those different socio environmental action. 

The workshops were organized in the framework of Rio+20 People’s Summit, to help participants get more involved with the this Summit’s discussions, especially on the Environmental Education for Sustainable Societies and Global Responsibility Treaty and the Earth Charter.

The Earth Charter was the starting point for each workshop, to reflect on what is an ecological person, with that, the participant groups created colectively their ethical charters.  The next workshops helped to expand that perception and the possibilities for people to do local and global actions (glocal).  In this sense, the first experience with the Earth Charter was enriched and reflected upon with the other workshop activities until the end of the project.