Video Contest: Call for Submissions

The Earth Charter International (ECI) is conducting its first-ever International Video Contest, in collaboration with Odyssey 2050 movie project and the British Embassy in Costa Rica.  This contest was inspired by the reflections contest organized by Kenmore School (Arlington, VA, USA) in the fall of 2010 (Read here about this experience).

We are inviting schools from all over the world to be part of this contest, and we would love for your school to participate. We are asking for students to  see the trailer of Odyssey 2050 movie, read the Earth Charter and then, submit videos that explain:

“How can we build a better future together?”

These videos can incorporate everything from written essays, to original poems, songs and interviews. We want to see students have the freedom to explore this question and the Earth Charter in the ways that they find most natural.

Why seeing Odyssey 2050 trailer before creating your video essay?  Because this movie is not finished yet, and the producers are going to use all inputs received to define the direction of this movie.  Therefore, all submissions are going to be sent to the producers of Odyssey 2050.  The film is been produced in Costa Rica by Synchro Films, in coordination of the British Embassy and the supervision of  Thelvin Cabezas, an outstanding film animator who worked on Spiderman 2 and Avatar.

Criteria for evaluation:
Entries will be evaluated on the basis of creativity; how well they express and connect to the values and principles of the Earth Charter; and finally, the production value of the videos themselves.

Rules for Participation

  • Videos should be 3-4 minutes in length.
  • All entries should incorporate ideas from Odyssey 2050 trailer and at least one of the principles of the Earth Charter. For a copy of the Earth Charter, please visit earthcharter.org/discover/the-earth-charter/
  • All videos should be the original work of the student(s) who are entering the contest – this means no previously copyrighted material (including background music, previously published poems, etc.)
  • Videos can be produced by teams, but should be made up of no more than 2-4 students.
  • Entries will be considered in three different age categories: 10-12, 13-15, 16-18 . Please note the category for your submission. (If your grade includes people of two different categories – e.g., 11 and 12 year olds, or 14 and 15 year olds, feel free to enter in either category)
  • Submitting a video includes a release for the Earth Charter to use that video in promotional materials, on our website, etc.

About prizes…

Participating in this contest will give you the opportunity to make an impact on the direction of Odyssey 2050 movie. That is, your ideas will help to define how this movie will end. Also, all submissions entered into the contest will be posted online at our website at www.earthcharter.org.
In this sense, all submissions are winners!

A selection of the entries that best follow the evaluation criteria will be featured at the Earth Charter International’s event to be held in the framework of the global United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – also known as Rio + 20 – in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012.

Finally, one of the videos selected as best entries will win an iPod.

How to submit your video?

There are several options:

You can upload your video in this platform http://www.vimeo.com/groups/earthchartercontest

You can also upload it to YouTube and send us the link, or send your video to us at: [email protected]  

Entry Deadlines
All entries should be submitted by 30 November 2011.
For any further questions, feel free to contact [email protected]