Earth Charter TV Spot
Languages: Arabic, Azerbaidajani, Chinese, Korean, Kurdish, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindu, Japonese, Persian, Portuguese, Russian , Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Earth Charter International (ECI) presents a very nice TV spot that was put together in Brazil and broadcasted in numerous TV Channels as a communication campaign to raise awareness about the Earth Charter. This campaign is anchored in this 60 seconds video, which was produced with drawings from children of an underprivileged community located in the surroundings of Sao Paulo. The whole effort counted with volunteer work of a number of individuals, specially a young woman that counts with good communication skills. ECI hopes that you will use it in any opportunity you may have – e.g. in presentations, events, in classrooms or by posting it into your Facebook profile!

The Little Earth Charter
Little Animation Inc./Rosie Emery


The Little Earth Charter series of 8 animated clips offers educators a springboard tool to introduce students to a wide variety of subjects within the curriculum. Its content relates directly to learning standards for Grades Pre K-3: earth science, physical science, life science, ecology, environmental studies, geography, history, social studies, citizenship education, and moral education.
Great for the children aged 4-8.
To watch the first clip in the Little Earth Charter series of eight animated shorts in English or French.
To learn more, visit the Little Earth Charter
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Earth Charter and Odyssey 2050 Video Contest.

First prize:  It starts with one! By students of Arlington Public School, Virginia, USA.

To open our eyes. By students of High School of Arts Baia Mare, Romania
I want my life back.  By Oleg Shchutsky. Minsk State College of Electronics, Belarus.

Orce Nikolov 1.  Video editor is Timotej Sofronievski

Illusie. By students from AOC Terra Eelde, Holland.
A happy ending for Odyssey 2050.  By class 2 D of  “B.Pascal” Institute of Teramo (Italy)

Global Madness.  By Diego Garduno, from Carol Baur High School, Mexico.