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  • Published: Country: International

    Earth Charter Poster

  • Published: Country: International

    Sample cases of the Earth Charter in Business

    These are cases of businesses that are using the Earth Charter in their work.

  • Published: Country: International

    Earth Scouts Guide

    Earth Scouts Facilitators Guide. Activities for ages 3-13. A manual with guidelines and activities for Earth Scouts activities.

  • Published: Country: Spain

    Innovative Education Project – Investigation Proposal

    An innovative education project based on the Earth Charter. Its methodology intends to take the Earth Charter values and principles to the classroom through sensitizing sessions, awareness and clarification of values, not only through cognitive and conceptual learning but through…

  • Published: Country: International

    Global Warming is an Ethical Issue

    global warming is undeniably an ethical issue, and we must face it as such. That means asking hard questions about responsibility, accountability, and the differences between actions -- whether political, economic, or wholly personal -- that are right versus those…

  • Published: Country: United States

    La Charte de la Terre, texte de droit international de “Soft Law”

    Ce document passe en revue le processus nécessaire à Charte de la Terre afin de devenir un instrument de ‘Soft Law’ internationalement reconnu, par l’importance que ceci requérait pour elle. La visée première de la Charte de la Terre est…

  • Published: Country: India

    Seeds of Hope: Report of Assessment

    Report of a research to assess the impact of "Seeds of Hope" exhibition.  The research was carried out by the Center of Environment Education (CEE) in India, in collaboration with Soka Gakkai International.

  • Published: Country: International

    Little Earth Charter Guide

    The purpose of the Little Earth Charter is to help teachers convey its universal principles to children at an early age, with a view to becoming responsible earth stewards for a sustainable future. The mission of the LEC is to…

  • Published: Country: International

    The Ecological Manifesto

    As a fundamental document guided by the principles of the Earth Charter, the Ecological Manifesto has set the goals for supporting the processes of education in sustainable development on the basis of a stable environment and healthy nature achieved through…

  • Published: Country: International

    The Earth Charter Cities Manifesto

    Inspired by and strongly associated with the Earth Charter, Earth Charter Cities want to deliver a significant contribution to a sustainable future. The Earth Charter Cities concept becomes manifest through 16 different principles and assumptions, accessible and useful to all…