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  • Published: Country: International

    Food, Farming and the Earth Charter

    In a rapidly warming world with drastically changing climate, chronic social turmoil, and growing populations at risk from obesity and hunger, it is crucially important to evaluate the quality and quantity of what people are eating or can’t, as well…

  • Published: Country: International

    The Nature of the Environmental Crisis

    "While the particular causes and solutions of this (environmental) crisis are being debated by scientists, economists, and policymakers, the facts of widespread destruction are causing alarm in many quarters. Indeed, from some perspectives the future of human life itself appears…

  • Published: Country: International

    Learning and living with the Earth Charter

  • Published: Country: International

    The Earth Charter Cities Manifesto

    Inspired by and strongly associated with the Earth Charter, Earth Charter Cities want to deliver a significant contribution to a sustainable future. The Earth Charter Cities concept becomes manifest through 16 different principles and assumptions, accessible and useful to all…

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