Wangari Maathai day

During the 14th Africa Union Summit, the Heads of State in Africa agreed that March 3rd will be Wangari Maathai Day. Previously called Africa Environment Day, the African Union voted to rename this day in memory of Professor Maathai. The day’s events will focus on celebrating Wangari Maathai’s commitment to good governance, environmental responsibility and peace.

This celebration started this year, last Saturday March 3rd with events in countries across Africa. Green Belt Movement will host a tree planting event at Freedom Corner in Uhuru Park, Nairobi on March 10th to mark this event.

Wangari Maathai was an Earth Charter Commissioner, she was deeply involved with the drafting of the Earth Charter since 1997.  In her latest book, she makes several references to the Earth Charter.  This article presents more information about Wangari’s involvement with the Earth Charter.