Webinar on the positive impact of young people with youth org in the DRC

We had the pleasure to deliver an hour-long webinar about the positive impact of youth working with the Earth Charter to the members of the FERAPAD FIZI association (Rural Women Friends of Peace and Development) in Democratic Republic of Congo, for. The association promotes peace and development in the eastern part of DRC, working mainly with women and girls coming from rural areas.

First, we introduced ourselves to the ten or so young people participating, we then introduced the principles and values of the Earth Charter. We explained the ECI vision of sustainability based on ecological integrity and the universality of the Earth Charter with opportunities for the youth to get involved.

There are many opportunities for the youth to participate and to spread the Earth Charter through their work as a teacher or through their artistic activities such a cinema or theatre. The exchange we had, permitted us to call them to action with the Earth Charter. These young people will, from now on, have the opportunity to rely on our youth network, on our mobile app, Mapting, and on the valuable advice of our youth coordinator to get involved in the construction of a more sustainable, just and pacific world for tomorrow.

It was a real pleasure to host this webinar with the youth of FERAPAD association and we would like to give a special thank to Stanislas, the director, for his cooperation. We really hope these young people will use the Earth Charter document as a guide and an inspiration for them to implement peace in their communities in Democratic Republic of Congo.