Webinars on the Earth Charter and Education

The series of webinars that the Earth Charter Center for ESD started in 2011 will continue this year!

The next webinars will take place in March 2012, and they will focus on the use of the Earth Charter as an educational tool.  For these, we are inviting speakers from different countries, to share their experiences and vision about how the Earth Charter can be used in education to foster the transition to more just, sustainable and peaceful societies. Because each session will welcome a different educator, each session will be very different from the other, so we invite you to attend all the sessions you can!

The webinars will consist of a brief (15-20 min) general presentation about the Earth Charter and its relevance to education processes. Then, the invited speaker will have 30 min to present his or her experiences or ideas, and will be followed with a questions and comments section.

Schedule and Invited Speakers:

There will be 8 webinars, find below the information on dates and time (in GMT). Use the links provided for each session to enter in the virtual meeting room. To enter, click on the “Launch Class” button, and then write your name and country (e.g. MaryCanada).

Thursday March 8th,  16:00hrs GMT.   Speaker:  Elizabeth Ramírez (Costa Rica), Biologist, former Vice Rector of Extension of the National University of Costa Rica. (Session in SPANISH)

Saturday March 10th, (Ohrs GMT – Friday 9th, 6pm Costa Rica time).  Speaker:  Louise Erbacher (Australia), educator working with primary schools using the Earth Charter in Australia. (Session in ENGLISH)

Wednesday March 14th, (21hrs GMT).  Speaker: Shana Smith (USA), a primary school teacher using arts and music and the Earth Charter. (Session in ENGLISH)

Thursday March 15th, (11:30hrs GMT).  Speakers:  Mamata Pandya and Rajeswari Namagri (India), educators working at the renowned Centre for Environment Education in India. (Session in ENGLISH)

Friday March 23rd, (16:00hrs GMT). Speakers:  Adela J. Gondek and Jairo García (USA), using the Earth Charter in undergraduate and graduate curricula. (Session in ENGLISH)

Wednesday March 28th, (21:00hrs GMT).  Speaker:  Sally Carless (USA), developed Earth Charter inspired curricula for primary distance education, USA. (Session in ENGLISH)

Thursday March 29th, (20:00hrs GMT).  Speaker:  Edgar Gonzalez Gaudiano (Mexico), well known educator, philosopher, university professor, researcher and writer (among others) in Latin America.  (Session in SPANISH)

You can use this link to convert GMT to your local time:  www.thetimezoneconverter.com

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