Welcoming new ECI Council Members

We are happy to welcome two new members to the ECI Council: Sam Crowell and Ricardo Young!

They have been involved with the Earth Charter for the past two decades and are now joining us as council members.

Learn more about them here:

Sam Crowell

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Sam Crowell has been actively engaged with the Earth Charter International and Education for Sustainable Development for over 15 years. He not only facilitated several courses for ECI but has also been a senior advisor. Sam is a professor emeritus of education at California State University San Bernardino and former director at the Center for Research in Integrative Learning and Teaching. He founded the MA in Holistic and Integrative Education and is a founding member of the Network in Spirituality and Education. He also serves as faculty for The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES), Antioch Graduate Institute and adjunct faculty at St. Michael’s College offering courses on The Neurobiology of Stress, the Creative Imperative, and Neuroscience and Teaching.

Sam has been an elementary teacher, a principal, and an administrator. He is co-author of Emergent Teaching: A Path of Creativity, Significance; Transformation and Re-Enchantment of Learning: A Manual for Teacher Renewal and Classroom Transformation and two e-books on Earth Charter Pedagogy. He was recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Award and the Outstanding Professional Accomplishments Award and part of the Fulbright Specialist Program.

Ricardo Young

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A businessperson and entrepreneur. President of the Board, Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility (a major association of companies in Brazil committed to sustainability) and former president of the Brazilian Association of Franchising. Co-Founder and Council Member of several organizations such as Sustainable São Paulo Movement; Sustainable Amazon Forum; World Business Academy in Brazil, Member, Sustainability Council, Real Bank and Santander Bank. Council Member, Global Reporting Initiative and Corporate Sustainability Index. He was also a member of congress of the city of Sao Paulo and a founding member of a new Brazilian political party Sustainability Network. In the last 90s, when Ricardo was Chairman of Yazigi (a language school located all over Brazil through franchising), he incorporated the Earth Charter as an educational instrument in this school system. Since then, he has incorporated the Earth Charter in many of his activities and talks. Ricardo has a postgraduate degree in General Management, PDG-EXEC; fellow ELIAS programme, MIT. 2002-06.