Workshop on Earth Charter and education in Nantes, France

The Freinet International Meeting for Educators, held on July 20-29 in Nantes, France, takes place every two years with the participation of several countries.  In this occasion 350 teachers from 35 different countries attended the event. 

Within this context, on July 27th, educators Flander Calixto and Flavio Boleiz Jr., who is also an Earth Charter Affiliate in Brazil, carried out a three-hour workshop titled “Earth Charter – ethical framework for education of Modern School”.  Educators from Brazil, Ireland, Algeria, Tunisia, France, Mexico, Italy and Spain participated in the workshop.   Presenters worked with the four pillars of the Earth Charter and their relation to education. The workshop was highly interactive and had excellent participation.    

It is important to mention that during their latest assembly, RIDEF approved a new Charter for Modern School and with this, the Freinet movement all over the world adopted several documents as ethical frameworks for education, including the Earth Charter.   

More information on RIDEF-Nantes here