Workshop on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the Earth Charter in Colombia

On 20 January 2018, three young leaders, Andrea Cerón, Ángela Vargas and Alexander Cerón, from the Red de Educación Ambiental-RCE Bogotá, held a workshop for young leaders on Education for Sustainable Development – Taller Colombia 1ESD. The workshop was guided by three young leaders who last September 2017, attended a workshop organized by UNESCO together with the Earth Charter and Planeta Océano in Brasilia, Brazil. During the workshop, issues such as ethics, environmental values, Earth Charter principles and contributions to achieve a fair and equitable environmental society were addressed to encourage the sense of responsibility of young leaders in management of the environment in their country.

This workshop was held in Bogotá, Colombia in order to collaborate with the process being carried out by UNESCO as part of the Global Action Program (GAP) Priority Area No. 4, which aims to mobilize and empower young leaders in different countries of the world. There was participation of 23 young leaders from different universities, NGOs and environmental organizations with willingness to generate a change in Colombia for the care and protection of the environment.The themes addressed during the workshop were on the Sustainable Development Goals, Education for Sustainable Development, Youth Leadership, Critical Thinking, Earth Charter and networking, socializing tools and sharing experiences to generate processes from their fields of action and training young people to participate in decision making from the political, economic, social, cultural and environmental spheres.

The future plans are to maintain and activate the network and replicate the knowledge acquired in the workshops with more young leaders. This workshop is considered a great first step in Colombia to consolidate young leaders of the country who are now part of the network of Global ESD Young Leaders where they will have the opportunity to empower other young leaders through Education for Sustainable Development creating spaces of active participation with local impact and global transcendence.



Written by:

Andrea Cerón, Ángela Vargas and Alexander Cerón

ESD Young Leaders and members of the Red de Educación Ambiental-RCE Bogotá

Olga María Bermúdez G- [email protected]
Coordinator Red de Educación Ambiental-RCE Bogotá

Xilonem Gisell Quinonez Oviedo- Earth Charter Intern