Workshop on Values and Sustainability Education in Spain

The workshop Educación en Valores y Sostenibilidad con la Carta de la Tierra”  (Values and Sustainability Education with the Earth Charter), to be held in Placensia, Cáceres next October 1-3, has the purpose of enhancing the individual integral learning, developing their individual and social abilities to allow his/her complete and satisfactory integration to the context and achieve a better quality of life.

The organizers consider that values education should be a systemic process, interdisciplinary and constant that transcends the formal curricula involving the whole society through the following steps: 

1. Sensitize
2. Acknowledge
3. Distinguish values
4. Identify attitudes
5. Participate

As part of the methodology there will be exhibitions, dynamics, games, activities and practical exercises.


This activity is led by Fundación Valores (Values Foundation), Affiliated to the Earth Charter Initiative, and Red&Río Project.

More information in Spanish here.  To see the poster here.