Workshop "Unity in Diversity" at “Spring” the first edition of the “Defy the Seasons” festival in Paris!

Workshop “Unity in Diversity” at “Spring” the first edition of the “Defy the Seasons” festival in Paris!

More Earth Charter activities in France as the network there begins to take root.

On 21 March, 2015, while near the headquarters of Earth Charter International in Costa Rica citizens came together to write a “giant poem” with their wishes and hopes for our common future, Earth Charter International’s activator in France and ECI’s partner, Common Good Forum, co-facilitated a workshop in Paris.

It was during “Spring”, an event of the “Defy the Seasons” festival, organized by Pari Osé. The workshop invited participants to reflect on the idea of “Unity in Diversity”, the official watchword of the initiative ECI is implementing in France with ECI partner Common Good Forum. The idea of “Unity in diversity” imagines a dialogue that recognizes the differences and moves past them in order to find a common vision around shared values. That’s the whole idea of the Earth Charter and the thought of the Common Good.

The workshop began with a short musical performance by Andrea Zubialde, ECI France Activator, who sang “Imagine” by John Lennon, accompanying herself on guitar. The song expresses the desire to approach the other to overcome competing interests and imagine a better world. Then, Violaine Hacker, Common Good Forum Director, briefly introduced the concept of “Unity in Diversity”, to make room for the two guest speakers who illustrated two practical derivations of this idea.

Sylvain Hatesse, consultant and creator of the sustainable development board game Terrabilis, showed how his game forced players to think about the existing interconnections between different sectors and issues involved in the development of a society, and the effects of each choice for development. He addressed the issue of the adaptation of tools for new uses, especially digital tools.

Yann Lesestre, member of CliMates (Think & Do Tank for climate change), presented the vision and actions of his organization, which is involved in the awareness and participation of civil society in ongoing climate negotiations. This presentation allowed contemplation and discussion about how these types of negotiations can succeed.

Finally, after the two presentations and discussion, all the participants jointly created a cloud of keywords and drawings symbolizing their thoughts on “Unity in Diversity”. Everyone had the opportunity to talk about their own experiences and to identify “Unity in Diversity” in their own lives and in current affairs.

The actions of the Earth Charter in France will continue soon. Do not miss our events and follow us on social media! www.facebook.com/BienCommunEarthCharter

For more information: http://commongood-earthcharter1.strikingly.com/

ECI is grateful to Pari Osé (Basma and Kelly), Sylvain, Yann and all the members of CliMates.