Workshops of the Earth Charter Game

Patricia Abuhab and Guilherme Blauth, founders of Instituto Harmonia na Terra and creators of the Earth Charter Game, presented the game at Guanajuato and conducted educational workshops. University students from different courses, teachers of the University of Guanajuato, members of the Mexican government and from the International Earth Charter Council had the opportunity to be connected through this game, which is and educational tool to work the contents of the Earth Charter in a collaborative, vivid and joyful way.

In total, 40 people from different parts of the world experienced this methodology.  The Earth Charter Game is an initiative of the Harmonia na Terra Institute and Coopera Brasil NGO. 

Some of the comments of the participants were as follows:
“I liked the Earth Charter Game very much.  It is very innovative as well as dynamic, apart from entertaining, and as a friend mentioned that day, it brings the physical contact into the game.  This is something that we don’t have very often nowadays and I believe it is a fundamental part of communication and understanding among living beings.  

It is a game where the main objective is not to win but to learn more about the Earth Charter and cooperation among colleagues.  

It is an amusing and different way of learning about the Earth Charter, for those who don’t know it, but at the same time a new way of seeing it for those who are already familiar with it.  I wish it could be commercialized here in Mexico because I am eager to play it again!

Jorge García

“I really liked the game very much, it is above all educational and funny.  It has a very good design and I liked the fact that it does not promote “egos” or envy.  This is to say that as few, this game promotes sharing, either all participants win or all loose if a person gets a card of mass destruction.   I also liked the fact that it is a game based on the Earth Charter and that apart from promoting peace, union, a better and less contaminated world, the game helps you with life.  I believe that it could help openning minds around the world, apart from promoting the Earth Charter document.”

Jackson Sote

“The game has been a memorable experience which I want to repeat.”  

Francisco Vega

“It was a nice experience because it opens your mind towards what is happening in the world within the theme of environment.  I liked it very much.  You can exchange ideas and open debates about this same topic and obtain ideas from other participants. I think this game is a good idea to promote care towards our ecosystem which is the whole world.”

Emiliano Castrejón

Earth Charter Game Workshop, Guanajuato/Mexico: Patricia Abuhab photo