XIX Conference on Environmental Education in Portugal and the Earth Charter

ASPEA (Portuguese Environmental Education Association) is organizing their national XIX Conference on Environmental Education. Invitees and participants from the Portuguese-speaking world have been there every year.

The idea of the organizers is to have participants share their personal experiences (pedagogical, social, and political), contribute to the discussion, and face environmental issues in general and Environmental Education in particular.   The Earth Charter is going to be used in the section of the program called FORMAL ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION with the Earth Charter Guide for Teachers as a reference.

Site: Madeira Island

Dates: March 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2012

Theme of the Conference: “Learning out of doors: methods of learning to achieve sustainable societies”

Target Audience: Educators, professors, technicians on Environmental Education, NGOs, municipalities, universities, researchers, tourist and solidarity economy agents, and local development agents

Estimated number of participants: 200

The objectives of the conference are:
• Widen the knowledge about present social-economic issues;
• Promote dissemination of studies and investigations on Environmental Education and Sustainability;
• Enhance the role of institutions, businesses, NGOs and civil society regarding environmental problems;
• Promote educators’ formation on Environmental Education;
• Promote exchange of experiences and learning experiences on environmental education for sustainability;
• Understand the implication of Climate Change on the local and global sustainability;
• Promote local development alliances.

– Pedagogical practices out of doors: the school in the community (natural areas, ecological parks, botanical, community or school gardens, etc.)
– Support programs for sustainable societies
– Environmental Education for natural disaster prevention
– The role of Environmental Education on Climate Change
– Human capital in the conservation of environmental resources

Themes (working groups; roundtables):
Rio + 20: reflections and contributions
Sustainable Educational Communities
Eco-tourism and local sustainability
Public policies and Environmental Education
Climate Change:  Understand and assess

Please access the program of the event in Portuguese here.