Amuda Abidemi Ibrahim (Ibrahimpact)

Amuda Abidemi Ibrahim (Ibrahimpact) has more than 13 years of experience in volunteering, disaster management, youth leadership and youth development. Currently, he volunteers as a frontline worker fighting the pandemic (COVID-19) at the Centre for Infectious Diseases and Control, Kwara State, Nigeria. Humanitarian Manager at Future Builders Foundation, a community based organizations in Kwara State, Nigeria. where he focused on advocacy and interventions on values of quality education and health care in several communities in Nigeria. Ibrahim holds a bachelor’s degree in Botany from University of Ilorin, Nigeria and post graduate diploma in Agricultural extension and rural development at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Ibrahim is driven by passion and character to make positive impacts in people’s life and has develop strategies for development organizations backed by building relationships with partners, members of the public, and relevant government bodies and agencies. Overtime, Ibrahim has been able to distinguish himself as a selfless serial volunteer who has developed considerable skills in youth leadership, humanitarian services, emotional intelligence, grassroots mobilization, team management and public advocacy. Ibrahim is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of access to quality education and good health. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in global studies and sustainable developments through continued coursework and professional development. He loves travelling, reading and learning; All these encouraged me commit my life to empowering the African children and youths through my serial volunteering positions and advocacies for various development organizations working towards empowering and creating hope for young people on the continent. I am specially dedicated to seeing more children go off the streets into the classroom and I have worked with various development organizations on different projects targeted at low-income communities and rural areas to achieve this. Ibrahim has also been recognized and awarded for his immense contributions on first aid training, youth development, advocate on sustainable goals and rural development.

Over time, I have also engineered and led several campaigns, sensitizations, interventions and advocacy as a way of prevailing on the government to take the issues of out of school children and the provision of health care seriously. And I am currently planning to scale my works through the civil societies, community based organizations, religious leaders, community heads and relevant government arm to partner and work with other development organizations in delivering effective campaign strategies, lobbies and protests in educating the populace on the need for “Education for All” and strategically influencing all stakeholders to contribute meaningfully to the future of young people in the country.