Ephrem Hagos Gebremariam

My name is Ephrem Hagos, I am a community facilitator and youth leader with experience in community development, adult learning and woman empowerment. I am passionate about social work. I am an African Career Catalyst program graduate and a member of the Room follow ship based in Nairobi. 

I am from Ethiopia’s war-torn north region. I grew up in a small town called Axum, where I was raised in a low-income neighborhood. Despite my low financial resources, I worked hard to finish my education and earned two degrees. I graduated from the university of Aksum with a bachelor of science in COTM and with a bachelor of arts in management from the University of Admas.   

I’m also an entrepreneur; I ran a detergent and hollow block brick manufacturing small-scale company while I was in university. I know how to run a successful small business, but due to the civil war in Ethiopia’s north region, I was forced to relocate to Addis Ababa. I begin working as a community facilitator and youth leader, not giving up. And now I am working as a Business Development Advisor and a Project Officer.