Erika Jazmín Chuck Liévano

Erika was born in Tabasco Mexico, and she currently lives in Cancun. She is a student of Environmental Engineering at the University of the Caribbean, where she has been an environmental promoter in different local events on recycling and circular economy. She developed the “Ecolillas” project focused on the environmental impact of the bad disposal of cigarette butts. She was part of the local committee during the Second Congress of the National Environmental Education Agency in Mexico, and she was a speaker at the First International Conference and Festival for Climate Action of Young POPs. She has done professional internships at the Mexican Center for Innovation in Ocean Energies, and is member of Protect Our Planet Movement and volunteer for Parley for the Oceans. 

Since she was a child, Erika has dreamed of helping to build a better world; from an early age she has given environmental speeches to children, friends and family. She likes to be constantly learning and is a spokesperson for the change towards more sustainable habits.