Eyouel Zerihun

I grew up here in Ethiopia; currently I’m a graduate student. My educational background includes BA in Business Management and I’m working for a PLC as an Import and Export officer, and besides work I participate on different kinds of non-profit organization like Shine Abyssinia a well-known non-profit  organization in Ethiopia. Also, I got to know Earth Charter through shine Abyssinia great young leaders and through Earth Charter I got to know CEIN…I’m very happy that I joined EC…I took the LSE course through a scholarship and the course helps me a lot and I become familiar with EC’s four pillars and also with the Mission and Vision too….and now rapid and sustainable growth is my true passion. Getting a life changing perspective into the hands of millions of people is my calling and empowering a team to do the above provides me with enormous gratification.

My great passion is bringing healing to people who have been through traumatic stressful experiences. I have this perspective “ tomorrow is not guaranteed ” and one tree makes a million matchsticks and one match stick is needed to burn a million trees so, the Earth Charter principles are very helpful for a person who believes being good and doing good is the major thing.

Email: [email protected]