Costa Rica

José Ignacio Fernández Víquez

I was born in March 1987. My college life was very normal, even though I was always linked with the student movements. I studied teaching Social Studies and Civic Education and also Administration of Education Forma at the University of Costa Rica.

During my youth I was linked to several groups and organizations, for example, I was president of the Cantonal Committee of the Young Person of Alajuela, of the National Consultative Network of the Youth, founder and president of the Youth Agenda Group, founder and treasurer of the Association of Development of the House of the Youth of Alajuela and also militant of different political parties, occupying in one of them a cantonal youth presidency.

I have always been passionate about issues related to participation and democracy, I have been collaborating with the Center for Democratic Studies in Latin America for more than ten years, based in San José, Costa Rica, and I recently joined the National Body of Delegates of the Supreme Court of Elections of my country to contribute to the electoral processes as well as the transparency of the suffrage.

Environmental issues are also one of my passions, I am one of the coordinators of the Ecological Blue Flag program in the educational center for which I work and collaborate with the organization Sea Shepherd Costa Rica. In addition, I am trying to develop a great national volunteer program with the Ministry of Public Education, this as part of the initiatives and learnings of the Earth Charter program.