Costa Rica

Mauricio Güell

My name is Mauricio, I was born and raised in a tropical setting in Costa Rica. My childhood was full of outdoor activities sharing experiences with friends from diverse backgrounds. Sports and academic competitions always sparked a sense of striving for giving the best out of me. As the years have passed, my hobbies and lifestyle have evolved into more productive goals such as pursuing a Degree in engineering, starting my own education business and lastly becoming more interested in helping develop coastal community alternatives for the security of future generations. My involvement with the Earth Charter started in 2020, and after taking the Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics course I feel much more motivated to continue learning from the staff and the participants in the Young Leaders Movement. 

Among the activities I enjoy during leisure time I find most pleasing watching the stars at night, having a conversation in the sunset, exploring nature, reading, cooking, adventure, sports and board games.