Youth Project in Ghana

The Earth Charter Youth Group for Sustainability and Peace Ghana organized a project in June – August 2010. This Group was started by Godfred Nana Asiedu Opoku in December 2009 and since then the group has been organizing seminars, workshops etc. to train the youth on their responsibility as far as sustainability and leadership are concerned.

The project in 2010 was attended by students, youths and volunteers in Dansoman community. It was organized to train on leadership and on the need to protect the earth.

June, 2010
The official launch and first discussion
The project was launched with a discussion on volunteerism and leadership for selected 200 students in one of the schools. John Akwetey who is the country coordinator of Rainforest Action Network (RAN) Ghana was the speaker for this discussion.

The following officials were invited to attend the launch: the department of primary and secondary education, the department of environment, the department of health, the advisor of the municipality and the directors of the schools involved.

This marked the beginning of the project where the future leaders were brought together to share ideas for their perceptions on the destruction of the environment.

July, 2010
The interactive radio programme
A new interactive and innovative Radio programme was aired in July as part of the project. This program integrated the listeners through SMS and allowed them to report back to the programme.

A discussion was organized on the radio on the theme of the Earth Charter’s ethical principles and the transition to sustainable living. The programme was held in the local language and the participating youths were supported by a journalist. Youth reported to the program about the issues affecting them in the communities.

August, 2010
On Saturday 14th August, 2010 a workshop was organized with the participants.

The event was started with an open prayer by Godfred Nana Asiedu Opoku, who also shared his travel experience to the EC+10 event in the Netherlands in June 2010. The moderator, Elfrida Addo-Wilson, gave a brief history of the Earth Charter. In the workshop two videos were shown: on the principles and values of the Earth Charter and other one on Manuel Obregon, the Minister for Sports and Culture in Costa Rica, playing piano in the EC+10 celebrations. In addition a poem, “It Starts With One”, was shared with the participants. After this, Mr. John Akwetey, the country coordinator of Rainforest Action Network Ghana gave a speech on volunteerism to reinstate what he spoke of in June during the launch of the project.

After this participants divided into 4 working groups.
Group 1: Ecological Integrity
Group 2: Social and Economic Justice
Group 3: Youth Leadership and Education
Group 4: Democracy, Non-Violence and Peace

Here you can read the conclusions of the group discussions.

The project was funded by Global Greengrants Fund through Rainforest Action Network.