The Earth Charter states in The Way Forward: “We must deepen and expand the global dialogue that generated the Earth Charter, for we have much to learn from the ongoing collaborative search for truth and wisdom”.

ECI consistently engages in and organizes dialogue to expand understanding and awareness of current and challenging issues. In addition, there are many initiatives around the world that continue to emerge that share core elements with the EC Initiative’s mission and vision, for which a constructive dialogue can prove to be very positive.

In this regard, the ECI Secretariat:

a)    Facilitates dialogue, stimulates and exchanges views on initiatives and principles of sustainability.
b)    Supports key international discussions, efforts, and initiatives.
c)    Engages the Earth Charter network on global governance initiatives.

The ECI Secretariat has developed and continues to develop resource materials and webinars to strengthen and stimulate new and ongoing dialogues. The ECI Secretariat Global Governance and United Nations efforts include:

a)    The Rio+20 effort (prior, during, and after the June 2012 conference).
b)    The UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development.
c)    The discussion of the post-2015 development agenda.
d)    The discussion of the Sustainable Development Goals process.
e)    The discussion on Climate Change.

Resource materials on various topics that have been developed include:

a)    Exploring synergies between faith values and ESD
b)    Green Economy and the Earth Charter
c)    Rio+20: Enabling a Flourishing Earth
d)    Bringing the Missing Pillars into Sustainable Development Goals
e)    Climate Change, Ethics, and the Earth Charter

Some of the free webinars the ECI Secretariat has organized include:

a)    Introduction to the Earth Charter and sustainability ethics (English and Spanish)
b)    Multiple youth webinars on Rio+20 related topics with global youth leaders (English, Spanish, Portuguese)
c)    Environmental Law and Global Governance with Peter Brown and Cormac Cullinan
d)    Values-based Education for sustainability (English and Spanish)
e)    Earth Day conversation for youth with Severn Cullis-Suzuki
f)    Conversation with Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff (Spanish)
g)    Post-2015 agenda and Sustainable Development Goals with Brice Lalonde and Felix Dodds


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