Creative Interpretations

Published: 2015 Country: Spain

Cuento Bajo la Acacia

Bajo la acacia es un cuento realista, dirigido a niños y niñas a partir de 8 años, que reflexiona sobre los ejes del documento Carta de la Tierra. Presentamos una propuesta de desarrollo didáctico en las aulas de segundo y…

Published: 2014 Country: International

Poemas Adrian Figueroa

Poemas escritos por Adrian Figueroa, sobre la Carta de la Tierra y la sustentabilidad. Adrián Figueroa es Mexicano, trabaja en Ecoparadigma A.C, en San Luis Potosí.

Published: 2014 Country: International

Earth Charter Poster Infusing values in education

Poster that presents several articles contained in the publication "The heart of the matter, Infusing sustainability values in education. Experiences of ESD with the Earth Charter"

Published: 2012 Country: International

Earth Charter Exhibition Finland

This exhibition was designed in Finland for the "Earth - Our Home" traveling exhibition.

Published: 2012 Country: International

Earth Charter Exhibition 2012

This is an exhibition conceptualized by Douglas F. Williamson of ECI, designed by designing of Brazil, and with photographs donated by Azli Jamil, Mina Jokivirta, Ingrid Mårn, Isidro Con Matarrita, Tri Silvanto, Shannon Walsh, and

Published: 2010 Country: International

Earth Charter Music Album

This album contains 12 songs that reflect the ethical principles of the Earth Charter. The songs are geared to children ages 5-12, although it can be enjoyed by youth of all ages.

Published: 2009 Country: International

Earth Charter Radio Spots

The Earth Charter Radio Campaign consists of 4 radio spots introducing the Earth Charter and its principles. The length of each spot is 15 – 20 seconds and they are free to download. This is a project envisioned, designed and…

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