In 2000, the Earth Charter text was translated into Chinese to help the effort to raise awareness about the Earth Charter in China. This translation has been revised and improved several times. Inspired by its content, numerous groups and individuals in China have participated in different activities and meetings to promote the Earth Charter.

The Earth Charter has also been broadly used and quoted on various occasions by different groups of people. Several Earth Charter Commissioners and Council Members have taken advantage of their presence in China to exchange views and discuss issues related to the spirit and principles of the Earth Charter with Chinese society. For example, high officials from the Ministry of Environmental Protection recently praised the books of one EC Council Member, in which Chinese traditional spirituality and philosophies were explored to promote environmental protection.

Visit the Chinese Earth Charter Youth Group profiles here.

Several Earth Charter videos have been translated into Chinese, find them at our Vimeo Channel:

In Beijing, China, Stephanie B. Tansey, a longtime supporter of the Earth Charter, published the book “Recovery of the Heart, Dialogues with People Working towards a Sustainable Beijing.” This book introduces nine extraordinary Beijingners, both Chinese and American, their struggles, passions, and why Chinese wisdom and values are interconnected with a future, sustainable Beijing. Some of the Beijingers in this book have used the Earth Charter in their work. For example, Mac Fan was one of the founders of the New School of Collaborative Learning, in China. This school used the Earth Charter as a tool for intercultural dialogue. Mac Fan explains his experience with the Earth Charter in detail.