Czech Republic

In 2009, The Municipal Library in Sedlčany, Czech Republic chose the Earth Charter as the theme for the 7th year of the community project entitled Lukášek (short for Saint Lucas, the patron saint of surgeons, physicians, and painters). Blanka Tauberová, Senior Executive of the Municipal Library in Sedlčany, and a volunteer project coordinator, the Unitarian Reverend Iva Fiserova, educated community members through visual arts, education and various creative activities motivated towards “healing”. Leaders of the local and neighboring schools and other organizations decided to keep the theme of the Earth Charter for the next school year, 2010-2011. Within one year the library became an Earth Charter Affiliate and began to reach out to other partners in the Czech Republic to introduce the Charter to the broader public in their country.

Their first partner became Czech students´ organization UESS SPODEK, at the Czech Agricultural University, lead by Pavel Pšenička. In December 2009, UESS SPODEK became an Earth Charter Affiliate. Under the auspices of UESS SPODEK, these two organizations developed the Czech national Earth Charter website and helped translate and publish the EC brochure in the Czech language. They also cooperate with Prof. Jana Dlouha who works at the Environmental Center of the famous Charles University. Prof. Dlouha included several EC educational materials in the foundation environmental course mandatory for all the students of the Charles University.

These Affiliations were not renewed in 2013.