In early 1999 a national committee was established by the Ministry of Environment and Science and Technology to work on the consultation of the Earth Charter in Ghana. The National Committee was only active during the Earth Charter consultation process; it had representatives from the University of Ghana, the National Commission on Women and Development, Friends of the Earth, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology. They organized a national consultation forum on the Earth Charter in December 1999 and participated in the Benchmark Draft at the regional meeting of the African National Earth Charter Committees, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Activities with the Earth Charter before 2010 were organized by the Youth Group YEA-Ghana. They organized workshops and seminars on topics related to environmental protection and volunteerism. They implemented tree planting and clean up awareness and exercises, and organized educational trips with schools. They also undertook long and short-term projects in agriculture, disease, and pest management with a focus on being environmentally friendly. Through these profiles you can see the former Earth Charter Youth Groups in Ghana.