Sierra Leone

The Youth were very actively promoting the Earth Charter in Sierra Leone as a guide to promote a culture of peace, especially after the difficult civil war they experienced in the 90s. Since 2003, a total of ten EC Youth Groups were created in the following areas: Freetown (4), Bo (2), Kono (2) and Makeni (2). In 2007, the group called Earth Charter Youth in Sierra Leone (ECYG-SL) introduced the Earth Charter Initiative to 350 participants during an activity held in the city of Freetown. In order to better fulfill the mission of the Earth Charter, ECYG-SL collaborated with various youth groups, youth-serving agencies, and other organizations. Some examples are the Independent Youth Forum (IYF), which has over 200 registered youth organizations nation-wide, the National Multipurpose Cooperative Society (NYMCOS), which also has membership of over 200 Community Based Youth Organizations (CBOs), PeaceLinks Sierra Leone, and many others.

Mrs. Zainab Bangura is an important supporter of the Earth Charter Initiative. She served as a member of the Earth Charter International Council and is an instrumental promoter of peace and democracy in her country. She was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and now serves as Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict.

The Earth Charter Affiliate in Sierra Leone, Education for All, was very active using the Earth Charter in education programs in schools, but they reported that the Ebola crisis forced them to stop all actions in the field during 2014. They are hopeful to start actions again in 2015, once the situation is more under control.