SpainIn October 2000, the Earth Charter Catalonian Committee was formally created, with agreement upon a constitutional document endorsing the Charter. The Earth Charter was translated into Catalonian. In the same year, Vivim Plegats (Living Together), a multicultural program for peace and cooperation established in 2000 by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Department of Social Welfare of the Balearic Islands, started to use the Earth Charter as an educational tool. They developed adaptations of the Earth Charter to children and youth for teachers to use it in their classrooms. The Earth Charter has since come to be used by different organizations in Spain since its introduction in 2000.

In 2014, ECI Affiliate Values Foundation organized one Conference and two Seminars with approximately 300 people. The seminars were called “Impulses for a better world”, under the slogan “The Earth Charter in Action”. The first seminar took place on 5 April in Soria, and the second one on 18 October in Huelva. The annual Conference that Values Foundation organized was called “Projects and Utopias for a better world”. 2014 was the 8th time that they put the Conference together under the theme: “Living without fear, can you imagine it?”

In 2013, Values Foundation organized two conferences:

  • “The Earth Charter works. The path of the heart”, in March.
  • “The Earth Charter: Finding our inner strength. Living without fear”, in October.

Find all the details on the wealth of information and inspiration from these conferences through this link. Another activity that Values Foundation organized with the Earth Charter was the 7th edition of the Projects and Utopias for a better world Conference, on April 13th and 14th, 2013 in Vitoria‐Gasteiz. This conference focused on showing and discussing solutions for a more sustainable way of living. Finally, another important activity to report from Values Foundation in Spain is the training programme that they organized called “Emotional Intelligence through the Earth Charter”. This programme was created as a response to a request from professors of a school in Madrid (Colegio de Ensenanza Infantil y Primaria “La Rioja”). The Department of Education of the University of Granada continued to use the Earth Charter in five undergraduate courses and in many other graduate level courses in 2013. They’research with students. For example, the thesis called “Experiential learning for the development of Earth Charter values, a study for primary school” (“El aprendizaje vivencial para el desarrollo de valores de la Carta de la Tierra. Un estudio en educacion primaria”) was presented in September 2013. In this paper, the research team proposed a series of educational activities to promote Earth Charter values in primary schools.

In 2008, the Avalon Foundation used the Earth Charter in two parallel activities: One is through the organization of activities aimed at the general public and, the second is for the 150 volunteers within the Foundation, through the six workshop training program “Education for Peace”. Also the Earth Charter was presented in several primary and secondary schools as well as universities in Seville, Huelva and Valencia. These sessions were carried out in the Faculty gardens, and all teachers and students were involved in the activities.

In June 2007 Fundacion Valores held its third annual conference, entitled “Projects and Utopias for a better world”. This series of conferences provides an opportunity to reflect on the Earth Charter principles, as well as on processes of education for sustainable development and values-based education. It is also meant to promote knowledge-sharing about what different organizations from Spain are doing regarding these issues. As a result of their efforts the University of Granada has incorporated the Earth Charter in various projects including courses in the department of education.

In April 2006, Fundacion Valores organized its 2nd Congress “Proyectos y Utopias para un Mundo Mejor” (Projects and Utopias for a better World), with the objective to engage individuals and organizations in exploring ways to use and promote the Earth Charter in their sphere of influence. This very successful event, held at the Palacio de Congresos Municipal Campo de las Naciones Unidas de Madrid, included the participation of Leonardo Boff, Federico Mayor, and students of Universidad de Granada. They organized a number of activities (such as forums and educational workshops) to engage different groups of Spanish society with the Earth Charter.

Foro Soria 21, founded at an event in March 2001 in which HRH Prince of Asturias and Maurice Strong participated, has been incorporating the Earth Charter as part of its activities and numerous events organized with the purpose of promoting awareness and use of the Earth Charter. Foro Soria 21 encourages public authorities and the private sector toward long-term commitment to sustainability through the lenses of the Earth Charter. Mr. Amalio de Marichalar, the head of Foro Soria 21, has taken part in a number of Earth Charter International events and incorporates the Charter as part of his efforts.

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