Earth Charter Around the World: One-minute Video Campaign

By combining many voices from around the world – like yours- we want to inspire others to use the Earth Charter as an ethical compass towards social change and encourage them to follow the path to a more sustainable way of living and human development.

In line with our celebrations around the 20th anniversary of the Earth Charter and to raise awareness of the Charter, we are launching the campaign Earth Charter Around the World, in which you can share with all the Earth Charter Movement how you apply the Earth Charter in your life, at work or at your school.

Share your one-minute video with us and join us in this campaign to raise awareness about the Earth Charter Movement and document as a tool to work towards a more just, sustainable and peaceful global society.

Visit our Youtube channel to watch these videos under the Earth Charter Around the World playlist.

You can send us your videos following these recommended guidelines: https://earthcharter.org/one-minute-videos-guidelines/

We will release one short video every week on our social media channels.

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Starting Monday, 27 April 2020 we will share the first series of videos, featuring individuals like Steven Rockefeller, EC Commissioner; Alfonso Jiménez, EC Champion from Costa Rica; and Karen Proa, Earth Charter Young Leader.