Earth Charter Around the World: One-minute Videos Guidelines

Help us create awareness of the Charter and its purpose by recording a one-minute video.
By combining many voices from around the world – like yours- we want to inspire others to use the Earth Charter as a compass towards social change and encourage them to follow the path to a more sustainable way of living and human development.

Join us in this campaign to raise awareness about the Earth Charter as a tool to work towards a more just, sustainable and peaceful global society.

We will share these videos publicly during 2020 as we celebrate 20 years since the launch of the Earth Charter. We will release one short video every week on our social media channels.

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Please follow these guidelines:

  • The video should be 60 seconds long.
    – You can create a video with more people if you want.
  • Please use your phone in horizontal or Landscape position. Like this:
  • Find a quiet place to record it.
  • Framing: Please record the video framing the protagonist in the center of the image following the lines showed in the picture below:
  • You can record the video in your native language. Please include English subtitles in your video if it is recorded in a different language. If you do not have video editing skills or this kind of technical support, please send us your subtitles by email and the EC team can later on add the subtitles.
  • Make sure your voice is clear and loud enough. If you can use an external microphone that would be best. If not, stand or sit close to the camera where the audio can be picked up well.
  • Choose a neutral or appropriate background. Nature is a beautiful option– just make sure it is quiet.
  • You can use the start of the script below to help you to get your message across in a short time.
  • Take into account the audience (people who are focused on solutions rather than problems) and the platform (social media).
  • Keep it conversational for the people with who you are trying to connect.
  • Please send us your video through WeTransfer or DropBox to [email protected]

The content should be according to the following guidelines:

  • Tell us who you are and where you are from (it gives an idea of your context).
  • Explain why the Earth Charter is important for YOU/YOUR organisation/YOUR context. Keep it as personal and inspirational as you can.
  • Explains how YOU/YOUR organization fosters change using the Earth Charter as an ethical tool.
  • Make a Call to Action.


“Hello, my name is _ and I’m from . I work as a [occupation/organization].

The Earth Charter is important to me because__.

In my work/My organization I use/uses the principles of the Earth Charter to . (I personally try to live by it in my life and in my work by _)

To build a more just, sustainable and peaceful global society I encourage (or I invite) you to

(Please note you do not have to say exactly these words, especially the ones marked in grey.)