International, Online

23 February – 30 November, 2023

Earth Charter 2023 Masterclass Programme

What could you learn from thought leaders coming from different parts of world?

There is much to learn from the experience and knowledge of leaders working in different cultural and geographical contexts.

Join our 2023 Masterclass Programme and take the opportunity to learn about leadership, sustainability and education through an ethical and systems approach.

We will meet once a month between February and November, for two hours on Thursdays, to engage in an insightful learning experience. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! 

Our Masterclasses cost US$20 per class. You can have access to our special 2023 Masterclass bundle, which includes access to all 10 Masterclasses, recordings and a certificate of participation for US$150. We also have a 2022-2023 Masterclass Pack, that includes access to all live Masterclasses from 2023 and recordings from 2022 and 2023 Masterclasses for US$200.