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27 – 27 April, 2023

System Leadership for Sustainability – Infusing ethics into the business DNA and Supply Chain with Chris Beehner

The 21st Century began with a series of business ethics scandals which cost citizens, shareholders, and pensioners tens of billions of dollars. Twenty years later, a global pandemic, followed by the war in Ukraine overwhelmed the global supply chain, and presented business leaders with new ethical and managerial challenges. Business, society, and the environment have become a complex, complicated, and interconnected system. We cannot solve the problems we currently face by addressing them individually and separately. We will only overcome our challenges and move forward if we learn to understand and manage our actions systemically. System leaders understand the larger system, encourage reflection and innovation, and transform the collective focus from reactive problem solving to proactive co-creation of the future. Business leaders must infuse ethics into the business DNA and Supply Chain if we are to achieve sustainability. System leadership provides the means to co-create a better future. 


1.    How can we introduce or influence business ethics in a world that seems to have become too complicated, complex, and chaotic? And why is this important? 

2.    How can businesses remain profitable and ethical in the midst of current world challenges? 

3.    How can systems thinking help business leaders remain ethical in an uncertain global environment?  

In this Masterclass we will addresses these questions, learn and reflect on some examples of good practice of infusing ethics into the business DNA and supply chain. 

Chris Beehner

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Dr. Chris Beehner is a business professor at Seminole State College of Florida, and has developed and taught courses for several colleges and universities. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Beehner was employed in the supply chain management industry, and he has also held nonprofit leadership roles. He has published, presented, and served as a panelist on workplace spirituality, sustainable business, and leadership topics. He is a community fellow at the University of Central Florida Center for Global Economic and Environmental Opportunity, where he collaborates with representatives from academia, industry, government, and nonprofits to discover the sustainable solutions necessary to attain the Sustainable Development Goals.