Thesis El Mantawi, Karim – Research:The Earth Charter Global Learning Opportunity-An evaluation of an Online Course

A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Arts in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies, University for Peace.


“This work takes the form of an evaluation of an online course. A case study of an online course, the Earth Charter Global Learning Opportunity (e-GLO) demonstrates how regions with even the least digital access may benefit from the usage of information and communication technologies, particularly digital storytelling techniques. Youth from around the world come together in a pioneering capacity-building endeavor to share knowledge on their social and community activities while learning to express their messages and stories digitally. This work explores the pitfalls of reliance on technology when attempting to bridge the divide, grounding itself in the network society model of the information age.

Author: El Mantawi, Karim
Year Published: 2008
Country: International
Language: 1