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Mapting Launch in Malaysia

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Back in April, two major events helped us launch Mapting in Malaysia. With this post, we bring more insight to some of the pictures that you might have seen on our App.


Mapting was first introduced in Malaysia during the opening ceremony of “HIJAU”, an art exhibition celebrating nature, hosted by Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) from April 8th to 23rd.1492651418_file_name (003)

Thanks to the coordination efforts of local artist Chin Kon Yit, twenty-five artists coming from diverse backgrounds and ages, including Goh Ah Ang, Koh Shim Luen, Lok How Yuan and Tham Siew Moi, exposed their artworks. Combining various styles and mediums – watercolour, oils, acrylics, mixed media and batik –  the seventy pieces all shared a common trait – a deep love for nature.

For exhibition coordinator and artist Chin Kon Yit, the exhibition was a venue for artist to express their love for the Earth and the nature they live in. In his welcoming speech, he quoted German cosmonaut Sigmund Jähn, whose words deeply resonate with what “HIJAU” stands for:




“Only when I saw the Earth from space, in all its ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realise that humankind’s most urgent task is to cherish and preserve it for future generations.”

Blending art and environmental protection, “HIJAU” was the perfect venue to introduce Mapting to the Malaysian public and inspire them to make the 17 SDGs a reality by 2030. For Johnny Ng, SGM Deputy President, it was a great opportunity  “ to remind everyone that we all live on the same earth… and therefore, we have the mutual responsibility to preserve its well being and ensure that our children will inherit this heritage.”


On April 22, 2017, a day designated as the International Earth Day, an event titled “Sembang” (Chit-chat) was held at Wisma Kebudayaan SGM. Co-organised by SGM and the World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia, the event gathered more than 320 participants and aimed at inspiring people, especially young people, to take on greater efforts in the promotion of sustainable development. For Dr. Dionysius S. K. Sharma, Executive director of WWF-Malaysia, “Young people are the voices of tomorrow, and early exposure to sustainable development will enable them to make informed decisions, have the right mindset and the right behaviour to build a more sustainable future.”

Following Dr Dionysius S. K. Sharma’s speech, six young people took the stage to share their stories. They spoke about the danger and harm done to bears and elephant, highlighted the preciousness of water, voiced out concerns about our habits as consumers and raised awareness on the plight caused by hunger. Brian Fam, a member of the SGM Student Division, presented Mapting and encouraged everyone to share their positive actions and promote sustainable actions.

Written by: Soka Gakkai International

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Thousands of malaysians endorse the Earth Charter

Under the leadership of the Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA), several civil society organizations from Malaysia organized what they called Himpunan Hijau 109 or GREEN GATHERING in Kuantan on 9 October 2011. 

This was a massive event for peace and the environment, where over 5,000 people attended to endorse the Earth Charter and commit to make use of it in their areas of activities.  One of the goals is to raise awareness and spread the vision and values of sustainability as articulated in the Earth Charter. Among the attendees were the main influential human rights groups committees in Malaysia such as BERSIH2.0, and SUARAM, as well as Save Malaysia, the Stop Lynas Campaign (SMSL), and representatives from indigenous communities.  

SMSL Campaign posted on their website: “(SMSL) is collaborating with the Himpunan Hjau 109 Organizing Committee to release a series of articles relevant to the Earth Charter detailing many issues of concern relevant to Malaysia to instill a greater understanding of some of the fundamental principles of the Charter, whilst highlighting how a more sustainable and safer path could and should be pursued for Malaysia.” 

Despite the fact that the police tried to cancel the event by withdrawing the permit granted beforehand, and by blocking the access roads, people still showed up and expressed their support of the event. 

Mr. Wong Tak, President of SEPA, said:  “There was an atmosphere of togetherness and jubilant celebration, a festival of life with songs like Rasa Sayang constantly being sung by the crowd and music from Chinese gongs, Indian tablas and Malay kompangs.”

For the organizers and supporters, the main objective of this endorsement ceremony was “to put Malaysia in the international stage joining hundreds of millions of others individuals, groups, businesses and governments to demand a cleaner and safer development pathway now and for the future to protect our life source, planet earth, and to ensure social harmony and justice”.

Most of the attendees of this endorsement ceremony are opposing a proposed rare earth processing plant project of Lynas Company, due to concerns over the dumping of radioactive waste material in this area.

Read here about reactions and testimonies from attendees participating in this event, and visit the facebook page.

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Massive Earth Charter endorsement in Malaysia

The choice is ours… Pilihan di tangan kita….

Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA) and other environmental groups are planning a major gathering to endorse the Earth Charter on Oct 9  in Balok Beach, Kuantan, Malaysia.

The event, called Dubbed Himpunan Hijau, or Green Gathering, aims to be a campaign based on hope not fear, and the idea that everyone should take responsibility for their own future and the future of their children.  The following paragraph from the Earth Charter expresses the vision of this campaign:

Let ours be the time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life.

More than10,000 people from all over the country are expected to join this event.  Around 80 NGOs and civil society groups have also expressed their support for this campaign.

By organizing this event, Malaysia, particularly the community of Kuantan, will be remembered as a champion in promoting the Earth Charter initiative in such a magnitude. As a result, Kuantan will be placed on the world map and receive international attention, which hopefully will help them to receive benefits particularly in the cultural and tourism sectors.

SEPA’s President Mr. Wong Tack said: We envisioned this to be an annual event whereby on the second Sunday in October every year, millions of responsible Malaysians across the nation will gather at different locations to witness the sunrise and endorse the Earth Charter.

The specific objectives of the event are:

  • To call for all responsible Malaysian citizens to gather in Balok Beach, Kuantan, at sunrise to endorse the Earth Charter. 
  • To propel a change in our way of life, change in how society works, how decisions are made, and how businesses are conducted.

On the event participants will stamp their handprints on hundreds of meters of black cloth to register their presence, which will symbolize the stamping away of darkness in their lives and welcoming a new era. The cloth will be stitched together and handed over to next year’s host, Sabah.

Find here a press release on this event, and the agenda with the details of the activities organized for this endorsement.

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3,400 visitors toured Seeds of Hope Exhibition in Malaysia

‘Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability, Steps toward Change’
exhibition features the Earth Charter as part of the message it convenes.   This exhibition was held from 9 April till 1 May, 2011 at Wisma Kebudayaan Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) in Kuala Lumpur, as one of the main activities for SGM’s Month of Sustainable Development in April 2011. More than 3,400 visitors, including many school children, toured the exhibition which was opened to public from 11.00am – 6.00pm daily for 23 days. There were 3 languages exhibition panels on displayed – namely Bahasa Malaysia (national language), English and Chinese for the convenient of visitors from different races. Many SGM volunteers were involved on duty, including exhibition guides and working committee, as well as student division and future division who have creatively organized many interactive games to enhance the exhibition.

The opening ceremony of ‘Seeds of Hope Exhibition’ on 10 April 2011 was attended by many guests and SGM members. SGM Youth Renaissance Choir performed 2 songs – ‘Hijau’ (Malay) and ‘????????????’ (Japanese) during the opening ceremony in which the lyrics carries the message of love to the Earth. SGM General-Director Mr Choo Kong Fei delivered his welcoming remarks and Celine Lee, a 13 year-old young girl from SGM Future Division presented a special message and poem to convey the children’s hope for the future world.

The guest of honour – YB Senator Tuan Gan Ping Sieu, Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports, then delivered his speech and declared the opening of the exhibition. YB Gan was impressed and expressed his appreciation to the SGM youth’s performance and voluntary effort in the event. He agreed with the ideal and effort of SGM in peace and sustainable development. Mr Choo presented a set of books as souvenir to YB Gan as token of appreciation.

Other invited guests including the Ambassador of Romania to Malaysia – Mr and Mrs Petru Petra; Prof. Tai Shzee Yew, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Universiti Putra Malaysia; Artists Dr. Cheah Thien Soong and Richard Wong; and many members from SGM. 

The exhibition was widely reported in major newspapers. The effort by SGM has impressed the invited guests and visitors:
Educational and I’m inspired by the collection of thoughts of noble people throughout the world.  It reinforces my humble belief that all human beings on this earth are trustees of our Earth.
–   YB Senator Tuan Gan Ping Sieu, Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports

Great works! Start with the young and hopefully they can influence their parents and neighbours. Congratulations!
–   Prof. Tai Shzee Yew, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Universiti Putra Malaysia

The “Seeds of Hope” exhibition and its related activities are part of the sustainable development education by Soka Gakkai Malaysia in building a culture of peace in Malaysian society. The exhibition will continue to tour and displays at various locations throughout the nation, including educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities as well as community centres.

Held under the backdrop of the Earth Charter’s “Seeds of Hope” Exhibition and hosted by the Youth Division from the Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a Youth Forum was held on 24th April 2011, initiated by Andreanna Ten who attended the Earth Charter+10 Conference at Ahmedebad, India last year.

Inspired by the theme of the Earth Charter’s Exhibition: “It Starts With One”, The Youth Forum discussed how the youth can exert a meaningful influence on the current environmental issues faced by society, the Earth Charter’s inclusive ethical framework, its shared values and how it can contribute to the Rio+20 Earth Summit next year.

Find here the full report of this forum.

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