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Environmental Education Network adopts the Earth Charter

In September, as part of many deliberations and decisions, the Lusophone Network for Environmental Education (Rede Lusófona de Educação Ambiental – Redeluso) adopted the Earth Charter, as well as the Treaty on Environmental Education for Sustainable Societies and Global Responsibility, as guiding principles of the Network. The decision was reached during the 2nd International Congress on Environmental Education of Portuguese Speaking Countries, held from the 9th to the 11th of September in Cuiabá, Brazil. Altogether, participants from more than 50 institutes, research groups, educational centers and even secretaries of state, representing more than eight countries and territories that speak Portuguese around the world have embraced the principles of the Earth Charter as guidelines in their work and also personal lives.

For more information, go to: http://redeluso.blogspot.com.br/p/principios.html

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XIX Conference on Environmental Education in Portugal and the Earth Charter

ASPEA (Portuguese Environmental Education Association) is organizing their national XIX Conference on Environmental Education. Invitees and participants from the Portuguese-speaking world have been there every year.

The idea of the organizers is to have participants share their personal experiences (pedagogical, social, and political), contribute to the discussion, and face environmental issues in general and Environmental Education in particular.   The Earth Charter is going to be used in the section of the program called FORMAL ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION with the Earth Charter Guide for Teachers as a reference.

Site: Madeira Island

Dates: March 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2012

Theme of the Conference: “Learning out of doors: methods of learning to achieve sustainable societies”

Target Audience: Educators, professors, technicians on Environmental Education, NGOs, municipalities, universities, researchers, tourist and solidarity economy agents, and local development agents

Estimated number of participants: 200

The objectives of the conference are:
• Widen the knowledge about present social-economic issues;
• Promote dissemination of studies and investigations on Environmental Education and Sustainability;
• Enhance the role of institutions, businesses, NGOs and civil society regarding environmental problems;
• Promote educators’ formation on Environmental Education;
• Promote exchange of experiences and learning experiences on environmental education for sustainability;
• Understand the implication of Climate Change on the local and global sustainability;
• Promote local development alliances.

– Pedagogical practices out of doors: the school in the community (natural areas, ecological parks, botanical, community or school gardens, etc.)
– Support programs for sustainable societies
– Environmental Education for natural disaster prevention
– The role of Environmental Education on Climate Change
– Human capital in the conservation of environmental resources

Themes (working groups; roundtables):
Rio + 20: reflections and contributions
Sustainable Educational Communities
Eco-tourism and local sustainability
Public policies and Environmental Education
Climate Change:  Understand and assess

Please access the program of the event in Portuguese here.

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Caretakers for the Environment activities and the Earth Charter

CEI – Caretakers of the Environment International is a global network of secondary school teachers and students active in environmental education.  Every year, CEI organizes an international conference in different parts of the world; they also generate education materials and national branches, which also organize additional events.

This year, several individuals involved in the Earth Charter Initiative will participate in CEI Annual Conference.   This event will take place from 03-09 July 2011 in Debrecen, Hungary.

Members of Earth Charter Taiwan will participate in this event. Among them, several indigenous students with an indigenous teacher will attend CEI Conference, and make a presentation called:  Back to the Millet Field- Reconstructing the Ancient Wisdom for a Sustainable Future.   They will talk about the Earth Charter and their work in their presentation, sharing how this document has been used in environmental education in Taiwan.

Fatima Almeida, Earth Charter International Affiliate from Portugal is the Vice-President of CEI since 2007.  She has been making the connections between the Earth Charter values and the work done during CEI Conferences.

In September 2011,  CEI Argentinian branch will organize a conference on environmental education and citizen participation, at Universidad Nacional de Lanús.    During this conference, Fatima Almeida will conduct an Earth Charter workshop.

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Earth Charter youth network wants to expand in Europe!

An example of an European Earth Charter effort:

In March 2011 the Earth Charter International along with the Earth Charter Youth Team organizes a one-day online conference to inform the European youth organizations and individual activists on the Earth Charter and its usefulness as an educational instrument when building a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.

So far some 100 organizations have joined the Earth Charter youth network from Europe and Central Asia. In addition, there are 16 official Earth Charter Youth and Student Groups (ECYG) in 16 European and Central Asian countries.

ECYGs are action-oriented societies, networks, or organizations that bring alive the vision of the Earth Charter in the local and/or national communities. The youth study the declaration, get inspired by it and then organize small action projects on sustainability.

Youth in Europe promote the Earth Charter by

  • organizing events where they present the declaration
  • translating the document
  • informing other organizations on it
  • training people on sustainable development and ways of living.

National Earth Charter Websites in Europe and CA:

Finland | Germany | Greece | Italy | Latvia Norway | Russia |

From the related articles below, one can see some examples of the European Earth Charter youth activism.

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The EC at the Pedagogical Environment Education Seminar

The XVIII Pedagogical Environment Education Seminar for Sustainability, organized by an association affiliated with the Earth Charter Initiative, ASPEA (Portuguese Environment Education Association), was held in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal on January 28-30, 2011.  These seminars are spaces for participation, formation and information about Environment Education. They aim to give participants the opportunity to share experiences and best practices, reflect on environmental and sustainable issues, and establish inter-and intra-institutional coordination networks. The Earth Charter was shared in a number of the sessions.

The pledge of this seminar, titled “Learn Scapes,” is to go back to the origins, and give prominence to the values and principles, in this case those stipulated in the Earth Charter, that should govern the relationship between human beings and the rest of the community of life.

Here you can read the provisional agenda. 

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National Parliament of Portugal embraces the EC!

On May 28th this year the Congress of the Republic (the Portuguese National Parliament) discussed the Draft Resolution proposed by “The Greens” recommending that the government adopt the principles of the Earth Charter. The resolution was indeed adopted,  meaning that the National Parliament of Portugal endorsed the Earth Charter!

“The greens” pleased by the approval consider that the endorsement of the Earth Charter will be an incentive to the Portuguese Government and  to the Congress to be commit to implementing the objectives, values and principles expressed in the Charter.

For more see here.

See the original resolution here and its translation here

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Eco-Just Conference in Lisboa

The Social Action Group of the Superior Technical Institute of Lisboa, Portugal organized the Eco-Just Conference: Challenges for a Sustainable Society which was held on May 20, 2010.  Fátima Almeida from ASPEA (Portuguese Association of Environmental Education), Affiliated to Earth Charter International, was in charge of presenting the first theme of the conference to the participants:  “The Earth Charter: Values and Principles for a Sustainable Future.”

Please see here the program and the poster of the event in Portuguese.

To know more about ASPEA please click here.

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Environmental Education Event in Portugal: Climate Alterations – Learn in order to Act

Celebrated in the International year of Biodiversity, the year of celebrations of Earth Charter +10 and integrated to the II International Meeting of the Environmental Education Agreement for Sustainable Cities and Global Responsibility, this event will be held on January 28-31, 2010 in the Azores. It is addressed to educators, professors, technicians on Environment Education, NGOs and universities and its being organized by ASPEA (Portuguese Association for Environmental Education), Earth Charter Affiliate, and funded by the Portuguese Agency for the Environment, the Science and Technology Foundation, REN and the Government of the Azores.

Its main goals are the following:

  • Increase the knowledge regarding current social-environmental issues
  • Promote dissemination of the studies and investigations about the new developments of Environmental Education
  • Enhance the role of institutions, businesses, NGOs and civil society within the current environmental preoccupations
  • Participate in the training of educators on Environmental Education
  • Promote active learning experiences in crosscutting themes
  • Reflect on the implications of Climate Alterations on Biodiversity

The event will also give participants the opportunity to share experiences and reflect on the topics being analyzed, as well as establishing communication networks.

Professor Dr. Fernando Nobre de AMI, Professor Dr. António Félix Rodrigues from the Azores University and Professor Dr. Pablo Meira from the Santiago de Compostela University will be present among other recognized communicators.

For more information please contact aspea@aspea.org or refer to the attached informative document in Portuguese.

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The First Iberian Earth Charter Meeting for Sustainable Development to take place in Madrid – Spain/ Portugal

The “First Iberian Earth Charter Meeting for Sustainable Development”, coorganized by Fundación Valores and ASPEA (Portuguese Association of Environment Education), Earth Charter Affiliates in Spain in Portugal, will take place in Madrid on 17-18 November 2007. The idea emerged from the Third Extraordinary Congress of Projects and Utopias for a Better World, organized by Fundación Valores and inspired on the Earth Charter. This event was celebrated in Madrid last June.


The increasing number of ongoing Earth Charter and DESD projects and individual initiatives, as well as the interest shown during the abovementioned event for the creation of new proposals under the phrase “A New World is Possible”, made us think about and made possible this first peninsular event (Spain and Portugal together).


The invitation was circulated to Sustainable Development actors on education, society, environment and economy-business, either from a concrete experience or from an interest of building new initiatives within the frame of the Earth Charter for Sustainable Development.


The objective of the meeting is to share experiences, elaborate action plans and concretize the creation of a Network to work towards Sustainable Development called Earth Charter Iberian Network (La Red Ibérica de la Carta de la Tierra).


The subscription to the activity is free and can be formalized through the e-mail: infoATfundacionvaloresDOTes, by phone at +0054 91 872 55 96 or via fax at +0054 91 871 90 58.

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